Return Codes

Return Code Reason
exportReturn_ErrNone Operation has completed without error.
exportReturn_Abort User aborted the export.
exportReturn_Done Export finished normally.
exportReturn_InternalError Return this if none of the other errors apply.
exportReturn_OutOfDiskSpace Out of disk space error.
exportReturn_BufferFull The offset into the buffer would overflow it.
exportReturn_ErrOther The vaguer the better, right?
exportReturn_ErrMemory Out of memory.
exportReturn_ErrFileNotFound File not found.
exportReturn_ErrTooManyOpenFiles Too many open files.
exportReturn_ErrPermErr Permission violation.
exportReturn_ErrOpenErr Unable to open the file.
exportReturn_ErrInvalidDrive Invalid drive.
exportReturn_ErrDupFile Duplicate filename.
exportReturn_ErrIo File I/O error.
exportReturn_ErrInUse File is in use.
exportReturn_IterateExporter Return value from exSelStartup to request exporter iteration.
exportReturn_IterateExporterDone Return value from exSelStartup to indicate there are no more exporters.
exportReturn_InternalErrorSilent Return error code from exSelExport to put a custom error message on screen just before returning control to the host.
exportReturn_ErrCodecBadInput A video codec refused the input format.
exportReturn_ErrLastErrorSet The exporter is returning an error using the Error Suite.
exportReturn_ErrLastWarningSet The exporter is returning a warning using the Error Suite.
exportReturn_ErrLastInfoSet The exporter is returning information using the Error Suite.
exportReturn_ErrExceedsMaxFormatDuration The exporter (or the host) has deemed the duration of the export to be too large.
exportReturn_VideoCodecNeedsActivation The current video codec is not activated and cannot be used.
exportReturn_AudioCodecNeedsActivation The current audio codec is not activated and cannot be used.
exportReturn_IncompatibleAudioChannelType The requested audio channels are not compatible with the source audio.
exportReturn_IncompatibleVideoCodec New in CS5. User tried to load a preset with an invalid video codec
exportReturn_IncompatibleAudioCodec New in CS5. User tried to load a preset with an invalid audio codec
exportReturn_ParamButtonCancel New in CS5.5. Return this from exSelParamButton if the user cancelled settings dialog by pressing cancel button.
exportReturn_ErrMediaFormat Error encountered writing to media format.
exportReturn_ErrVideoEncoderCreation Error encountered while creating video encoder.
exportReturn_ErrAudioEncoderConfiguration Error encountered configuring audio encoder.
exportReturn_ErrVideoEncoderConfiguration Error encountered configuring video encoder.
exportReturn_ErrInvalidPixelFormat Pixel format not compatible with output format.
exportReturn_ErrOutputBuffer Error creating output buffer.
exportReturn_ErrInputBuffer Error accessing input buffer.
exportReturn_ErrAudioEncoder Error encountered during audio encoding.
exportReturn_ErrVideoEncoder Error encountered during video encoding.
exportReturn_ErrMuxer Error encountered during muxing.
exportReturn_ErrVersion Error encountered because of versions.
exportReturn_ErrColorSpace Specified color space is not compatible with output format.
exportReturn_ErrVideoEncoderAdaptor Error encountered using video encoding adaptor.
exportReturn_ErrPixelBufferCreation Error creating pixel buffer.
exportReturn_ErrPixelBufferLock Error encountered locking buffer.
exportReturn_ErrPixelBufferPlanarFormat Error encountered with pixel buffer planar format.
exportReturn_ErrPixelBufferBytesMatch Error encountered with byte matching, within pixel buffer.
exportReturn_ErrPixelBufferUnlock Error encountered unlocking buffer.
exportReturn_ErrPixelBufferException Error encountered; exception accessing buffer.
exportReturn_ErrPixelBufferAppend Error appending to pixel buffer.
exportReturn_Unsupported Unsupported selector.