Selector Table

Before implementing a handler for a certain selector, make sure that it is really necessary for your importer. Many selectors are optional, and only useful for certain special needs.

The Synth column indicates whether or not the selector is applicable to synthetic importers. Custom importers can respond to any of the selectors.

Selector param1 param2 Synth
imInit imImportInfoRec* unused Yes
imShutdown unused unused Yes
imGetIndFormat (int) index imIndFormatRec* Yes
imGetSupports8 unused unused Yes
imGetSupports7 unused unused Yes
imGetInfo8 imFileAccessRec8* imFileInfoRec8* Yes
imCloseFile imFileRef* (void*) PrivateData** No
imGetIndPixelFormat (int) index imIndPixelFormatRec* Yes
imGetPreferredFrameSize imPreferredFrameSizeRec* unused Yes
imSelectClipFrameDescriptor imFileRef imClipFrameDescriptorRec* Yes
imGetSourceVideo imFileRef imSourceVideoRec* Yes
imCreateAsyncImporter imAsyncImporterCreationRec* unused Yes
imImportImage imFileRef imImportImageRec* Yes
imImportAudio7 imFileRef imImportAudioRec7* Yes
imResetSequentialAudio imFileRef imImportAudioRec7* Yes
imGetSequentialAudio imFileRef imImportAudioRec7* Yes
imGetPrefs8 imFileAccessRec8* imGetPrefsRec* Yes
imGetEmbeddedLUT (int) index imIndEmbeddedLUTRec* Yes

The following selectors are optional, to provide custom file handling:

Selector param1 param2 Synth
imOpenFile8 imFileRef* imFileOpenRec8* No
imQuietFile imFileRef* (void*) PrivateData** No
imSaveFile8 imSaveFileRec8* unused No
imDeleteFile imDeleteFileRec* unused No

The following selectors are optional, for better support copying and trimming files using the Project Manager:

Selector param1 param2 Synth
imCalcSize8 imCalcSizeRec* imFileAccessRec8* No
imCheckTrim8 imCheckTrimRec* imFileAccessRec8* No
imTrimFile8 imFileAccessRec8* imTrimFileRec8* No
imCopyFile imCopyFileRec* unused No
imRetargetAccelerator imAcceleratorRec* unused No
imQueryDestinationPath imQueryDestinationPathRec* unused No

The following selectors are used for embedded Closed Captioning support:

Selector param1 param2 Synth
imInitiateAsyncClosedCaptionScan imFileRef imInitiateAsyncClosedCaptionScanRec* No
imGetNextClosedCaption imFileRef imGetNextClosedCaptionRec* No
imCompleteAsyncClosedCaptionScan imFileRef imCompleteAsyncClosedCaptionScanRec* No

The following selectors are optional, useful for a subset of importers:

Selector param1 param2 Synth
imAnalysis imFileRef imAnalysisRec* Yes
imDataRateAnalysis imFileRef imDataRateAnalysisRec* No
imGetTimeInfo8 imFileRef imTimeInfoRec8* No
imSetTimeInfo8 imFileRef imTimeInfoRec8* No
imGetFileAttributes imFileAttributesRec* unused  
imGetMetaData imFileRef imMetaDataRec* No
imSetMetaData imFileRef imMetaDataRec* No
imGetRollCrawlInfo imRollCrawlInfoRec* unused Yes
imRollCrawlRenderPage rollCrawlRenderRec* unused Yes
imDeferredProcessing imDeferredProcessingRec* unused No
imGetAudioChannelLayout imFileRef imGetAudioChannelLayoutRec* Yes
imGetPeakAudio imFileRef imPeakAudioRec* Yes
imQueryContentState imQueryContentStateRec* unused No
imQueryStreamLabel imQueryStreamLabelRec* unused Yes
imGetIndColorSpace (int) index imIndColorSpaceRec* Yes

Used only in After Effects:

Selector param1 param2 Synth
imGetSubTypeNames (csSDK_int32) fileType imSubTypeDescriptionRec* No
imGetIndColorProfile (int) index imIndColorProfileRec* No
imQueryInputFileList imQueryInputFileListRec* unused No