Document Overview

This introduction information is common to all the plug-in types.

All developers should read this chapter, and browse through chapters two and three before diving too deep into plug-in development.

Resources is a short chapter that describes the Premiere Pro-specific resources used by plug-ins, including the Plug-in Property List (PiPL).

Universals documents concepts, data types, and structures used throughout the APIs. It also describes suites and functions used by more than one type of plug-in.

Hardware introduces Media Abstraction, used by hardware integrators and software developers to integrate with Premiere and accelerate specific workflows.

The remainder of the document describes specific Premiere Pro Plug-In Types.

This document is designed to be read non-linearly. You can browse through the topics from the bookmarks that appear in the left-hand panel in Acrobat, or the right-hand panel in the Preview application on macOS. A simple search for a well-chosen keyword will also turn up much information on any given topic.

Documentation Conventions

Functions, structure names and general C/C++ code are in Courier; MyStruct.member and MyFunction()

Underlined text in light blue is hyperlinked. Premiere selectors are italicized; imGetPrefs.