Return Codes

Return Code Reason
rmNoErr Operation has completed without error.
rmUnsupported Unsupported command selector.
rmAudioRecordError Audio recording error.
rmVideoRecordError Video recording error.
rmVideoDataError Data rate too high to record (return this if too many frames get dropped).
rmDriverError Driver error.
rmMemoryError Memory error.
rmDiskFullError Disk full.
rmDriverNotFound Can’t connect to the capture driver.
rmStatusCaptureDone Return from recmod_StartRecord when capture is complete.
rmCaptureLimitReached Return from recmod_ServiceRecord when the (self-imposed) record limit time is reached.
rmBadFormatIndex Invalid format index - stops recmod_GetAudioIndFormat queries from Premiere.
rmFormatAccept The output format is valid.
rmFormatDecline Cannot capture to this format.
rmErrorPrerollAbort Preroll function aborted.
rmUserAbort Return from recmod_StartRecord if user aborts.
rmErrFileSizeLimitErr Return from recmod_ServiceRecord if file size limit was reached.
rmFramesDropped Return value to use for dropped frames.
rmDeviceRemoved The device was removed during capture. Premiere assumes all material captured before this value as valid.
rmDeviceNotFound The capture device was not found.
rmCapturedNoFrames No frames were captured.
rmEndOfScene If detecting scenes and recorder senses end of scene
rmNoFrameTimeout Haven’t seen any frames in a while, maybe the tape stopped or hit blank part of tape
rmCantDetectScenesError If the recorder can’t find the info it needs to properly judge scene bounds
rmCantFindRecordInPoint If capturing in to out and the recorder can’t find the in point timecode
rmLastErrorSet The recorder set the last error string using the Error Suite
rmLastWarningSet The recorder set the last warning string using the Error Suite
rmLastInfoSet The recorder set the last info string using the Error Suite
rmIllegalAudioFormatChange Return when two different audio formats are recorded on a tape and the user tries to capture frames from both in a single capture.
rmRequiresCustomPrefsError New for Premiere Pro CS3. Return when no valid capture prefs are found during recmod_SetActive.
rmErrBadFile Problem with output file.
rmIsCacheable Return from recmod_Startup8 if the plugin is cacheable, rmNoError if not cacheable
rmRequiresRoyaltyContent New for Premiere Pro CC 2014. Return from recmod_Startup8 or recmod_StartRecord, if the codec used is unlicensed.