Basic Types Structures

These types and structures are defined in PrSDKTypes.h and PrSDKStructs.h, and are used throughout the Premiere API.

Premiere defines cross-platform types for convenience when developing plugins for both Windows and Mac OS.

Name Description

An unsigned 32-bit integer that stores an RGB color.

This type is useful for the 8-bpc colors retrieved by the color picker in a video effect or transition.

Color channels are stored as BGRA, in order of increasing memory address from left to right.

prWnd A Windows HWND or Mac OS NSView*
prParentWnd A Windows HWND or Mac OS NSWindow*
prOffscreen A Windows HDC

A Windows RECT or Mac OS Rect.

Use the utility function prSetRect to set the dimensions of a prRect struct.

This should be used because Mac OS Rect members have a different ordering than Windows RECT members.

typedef struct {
  float left;
  float top;
  float right;
  float bottom;
} prFloatRect;
prRgn A Windows HRGN
prPoint, LongPoint
typedef struct {
  csSDK_int32 x;
  csSDK_int32 y;
} prPoint, LongPoint;

LongPoint is deprecated, but still used for a couple of Bottleneck callbacks

typedef struct {
  double x;
  double y;
} prFPoint64;
prPixel (Deprecated)
prPixelAspectRatio (Deprecated)
PPix, *PPixPtr, **PPixHand

Holds a video frame or field, and contains related attributes such as pixel aspect ratio and pixel format.

Manipulate PPixs using the PPix Suite, never directly.


A time database record representing a time value in the context of a video frame rate.

typedef struct {
  TDB_Time       value;
  TDB_TimeScale  scale;
  TDB_SampSize   sampleSize;
} TDB_TimeRecord;
prBool Can be either kPrTrue or kPrFalse
PrMemoryPtr, *PrMemoryHandle A char*
PrTimelineID, PrClipID A 32-bit signed integer.
prUTF8Char An 8-bit unsigned integer.
PrSDKString An opaque data type that should be accessed using the new String Suite.

Used for exporter parameters

struct PrParam
  PrParamType mType;
    csSDK_int8   mInt8;
    csSDK_int16  mInt16;
    csSDK_int32  mInt32;
    csSDK_int64  mInt64;
    float        mFloat32;
    double       mFloat64;
    csSDK_uint8  mBool;
    prFPoint64   mPoint;
    prPluginID   mGuid;
    PrMemoryPtr  mMemoryPtr;

enum PrParamType
  kPrParamType_Int8 = 1,

Used in by importers in imFileAttributesRec.creationDateStamp.

typedef struct
  csSDK_int32  day;
  csSDK_int32  month;
  csSDK_int32  year;
  csSDK_int32  hours;
  csSDK_int32  minutes;
  double       seconds;
} prDateStamp;