Selector Table

This table summarizes the various selector commands a video filter can receive.

Selector Optional? Description
fsInitSpec Yes Allocate and initialize your parameters with default values without popping a modal setup dialog.
fsHasSetupDialog Yes New for Premiere Pro CS3. Specify whether or not the filter has a setup dialog.
fsSetup Yes

Allocate memory for your parameters if necessary.

Display your modal setup dialog with default parameter values or previously stored values.

Save the new values to specsHandle.

fsExecute No

Filter the video using the stored parameters from specsHandle.

Be aware of interlaced video, and don’t overlook the alpha channel!

fsDisposeData Yes Dispose of any instance data created during fsExecute.
fsCanHandlePAR Yes Tell Premiere how your effect handles pixel aspect ratio.
fsGetPixelFormatsSupported Yes Gets pixel formats supported. Called iteratively until all formats have been given.
fsCacheOnLoad Yes Return fsDoNotCacheOnLoad to disable plugin caching for this filter.